Colonel White
High School
Class of 1971


Saturday September 17, from 7 pm to Midnight, Dine at Company 7 BBQ

Company 7 BBQ is located at 1001 South Main Street (State Route 48 at Wenger Road), Englewood, OH 45322, .3 mile north of I-70 exit 29. Visit their website:


This brand-new restaurant opened December 2 and has already been named Best Barbecue in Dayton through  See the dozen barbecue restaurants they beat and by how much at:

Several classmates describe the food as "delicious."  Company 7 has six regional barbecue sauces and two they keep behind the counter: one super-low cal and one super-hot.

Atmosphere and Accommodations

The owners are all firefighters from the same family. The place sparkles with fun and friendly people.  The museum-quality 1929 fire truck used as the back bar was actually driven into the building.  Our banquet room is located directly behind the bar and has its own restrooms, two 42-inch TVs, plus a 100-inch drop-down screen and projector.  It also has a sound system we'll plug an iPod or MP3 player into.

What to Bring

Bring an old-fashioned photo album to share. Better yet, bring a laptop with photos or videos to show on the big screen and/or an iPod or MP3 player loaded with period tunes.

Food and Drink

Classmates and family members can come and go, and needn't even order food or drink.  Those who aren't hungry may order, say, only drinks or only dessert. Adult beverages are available at the full-service bar just outside our room at regular prices. For food, non-alcoholic beverages, and a limited selection of canned beer, classmates can individually go through the southern roadhouse-style "Quick Serve" line at any time, order exactly what they want, pay individually at the cashier (without tipping), and carry the tray directly into our private party room.  The Quick Serve line which normally closes at 4 pm will be open especially for us between 7 and 8 pm only.  After 8 pm, food is available by table service in the restaurant or at the bar.  The place closes at midnight.

Most dinners are under $10; all sandwiches are under $7; entree salads are $5.99 and $8.99; most side dishes are $1.99; desserts are $1.99 to $2.99; unlimited refills of soda, lemonade, sweet and regular iced tea, coffee, and bottled water are $2.25, and milk is $1; pints of beer are $3.50 to $5; wine and wine coolers are $5.50; liquor drinks are $4.50 to $7.


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