Colonel White
High School
Class of 1971

Picnic Sponsors

We owe a giant thank-you to
the generous classmates listed below, who have volunteered to become esteemed picnic sponsors by contributing $25 at the green level or $50 (or more) at the gold levelIf your name should be here too, please send a check payable to "Colonel White 1971 Reunion" to Donna Harris at 2419 Edenhill Avenue, Kettering, OH 45420.  Sponsors will receive our big thanks here, in email broadcasts, and on a poster at the picnic.  (If there's a shortfall of sponsor contributions, we'll request a very modest suggested donation for each person who attends.)  Please personally thank our esteemed picnic sponsors for donating to cover the costs of our reunion, especially the picnic!

$50 (or more) Gold Level Sponsors: Chuck Strain, Roz Block, Charlie & Sally Roof, Pam Longworth-Conners, Betty Protos, Wayne & Reynie Hughes, Dick Garrison, Bess Staios-Slade, Steve Patterson

$25 Green Level Sponsors: Luann Gottshall, Dave Hunt, Constance Woods, Coni Brigner, Susan Whatley, Sharon Seewald Parker, Marilynn Andrasik Rowe